Science Laboratories

Our labs are equiped with state-of-the-art modern equipment necessary for effective learning


The laboratory is equipped with 40 computer sets all connected and networked to a server through the routers. The server also has a network printer and internet router for connectivity. The computer laboratory also has a multimedia projector to aid digital learning and a UPS to prevent abrupt power outage. Aside from being used for practical for computer studies and Data Processing ,the Computer Laboratory is also used for computer Based Test(CBT) ,inputting students’ academic scores and attendance by teachers into the school online portal and for digital learning for other subjects with comfortable Air condition.


A school without laboratory offering science is like a farmer without a farm land .St. Aloysius physics lab is a lab that is well equipped with all the secondary school standard equipment and early year advance studies in the university .In fact teaching is made easy and more effective when the students are exposed to laboratory equipment and practical’s. What I as a teacher did not experience in my days when I was in secondary school and early university years of study is what St. Aloysius secondary school lab have exposed her students to .And that have made St. Aloysius students to competes with best brain of other best secondary schools. Sometimes they are second to none in their field of studies. (i.e. ‘nulisecquan dus’) with preparatory room.


Abstract are brought to reality studies are made easy and more effective in the laboratory. Discovery from simple to complex observation are made known to students. And St. Aloysius secondary school is one of its kind. Their Chemistry laboratory is a place to measure standard to non as in the aspect of secondary school Chemistry lab. In fact as a teacher I am amaze using the fume car board used in my university day’s research in National Institute of Leather and Polymer Research Technology Zaria Kaduna State as common apparatus in St. Aloysius Secondary Chemistry laboratory. Which is not common in many secondary schools to prepare poisonous gas of secondary school chemistry standard. St. Aloysius chemistry lab is a standard lab to be compare with the best of best.


Biology laboratory is a room where biological studies, analysis and researches are carried out. The role of biology laboratory is a key component in the understanding of biology. The laboratory provides students with opportunity to question, observe experience and experiment with scientific phenomena in their quest for knowledge for living things. In our Biology laboratory, the students are exposed to the use/ application of state of the art equipment / facilities such as microscope, beakers, test tube, magnify lens, Bunsen burner, volumetric/conical flask, thermometer. Other are forceps, Specimen bottles (i.e. for preserved animals and plant), bisecting tool/kits, measuring cylinders, inoculating loops, petri dishes , thistle funnels, crucible tongs among others.

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